Ship Simulator Multiplayer


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Ship Simulator Multiplayer

Welcome to Ship Simulator Multiplayer!
This is the best Ship Simulator game of 2023.

Open a shipping company, buy all the boats and hire captains. Unlock all game modes (cargo, tanker, passenger) and be the first in the top! Sail your ship & grow your company!

Choose your ship and play online with your friends!

Ship Simulator 2023 could be played multiplayer and includes pirates attacks, businesses, dolphins and other details for a realistic gameplay.

What can you do?
- Hire Captains - You can hire more captains to sail your ships! They will make money for you!
- Pirates - Your boats will be attacked by pirates ( They will steal from your ship if you will not fight against them )
- Businesses - You can buy a lot of businesses to have more advantages for each transport.
Buy MAG restaurants or tech to start parties, play movies in cruise ships for more revenues!
Buy crane services business to receive +15% bonus for each cargo transport!
* Dynamic jobs
Cargo transports contains a lot of merchandise:
- As the commander of a cargo ship, your job is to deliver a lot of goods from one port to another.
Oil transports:
- Transport diesel, gas or petroleum with your oil tanker.
Cruise transports:
- Transport passengers with your cruise ship!
You can start parties, play movies, room services to make passengers happy for more incomes!
Aluring ocean environment with other ships, flying birds in sky and waves of ocean give another level of excitement to player.
Enjoy best controls of ship transport simulator 2022 and shipping games simulation to become a pro of ship simulator and sea ship games.

Here are some more features of our ship simulator game:
* Play online with your friends in Multiplayer mode!
• 3 different ship classes: cargo, oil tanker and passengers.
• free roam the open world map of the Atlantic Ocean
• Available quests to complete if you play 10 consecutive jobs!
• amazing weather and day-night cycle, thunderstorms, rain, snow.
• realistic water reflections
• multiple control choices(arrows, tilt or rudder)
• many ships to choose from(with even more coming soon)
• realistic environment sounds and actual ship engine sounds
• multiple customization options: change the text, color and even flag on your ship

Do you want to play the best ship simulator for Android?

Contact us if you want more ships or features in this game.

Ship Simulator Multiplayer

This is the most realistic Ship Simulator game available for Android devices. Play on your tablet or phone and be the first in the top.

  • Play online with your friends!
  • Buy all ships!
  • Develop the best shipping company!

Project Information

Released on

21 March 2021



Game Size

401 MB


Android 7.0 or later

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